Below are links to news stories in which NWA Space (AKA Supporting STEM and Space) was in the news. The most recent feature is at the top.


Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

April 21, 2018. Dave Perozek reported that the City of Lowell and NWA Space announced a partnership for land for a science center.


April 20, 2018. Brandon Howard reported NWA Space announced a partnership with the City of Lowell for land for the science center.



March, 2018. Peekaboo NWArkansas Family Magazine introduced NWA Space to its patrons in the March issue by describing the vision and mission of the group 


La Prensa Libra

Feb 22, 2018. La Prensa Libre reports on Clint Branham speaking at the Rogers library concerning the restoration of the telescope

telescope moves.png

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

July 30, 2017. Ashton Eley reports on the 24" diameter 36 foot long Brashear telescope from Swarthmore college arriving in NWA

Arkansas Time Blog

April 25, 2017. David Soon reports on the plans by NWA Space (then called Supporting STEM and Space) to move an historic telescope to Northwest Arkansas.

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Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

April 25, 2017. The NWA Democrat Gazette reports that a Giant telescope will be relocated to Northwest Arkansas.