Our Board

A Dedicated group of enthusiastic people

Dr. Katherine Auld - Board Chair.     Assistant Professor Northwest Arkansas Community College, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador

Clint Branham - Board Vice Chair.   Senior Systems Engineer, Cyber Security, Walmart

Dustin Masterson - Events.  Cyber Security Analyst, Walmart

Dr. Anne Diallo - Secretary.  Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Arkansas @ Fayetteville

Trey Lane. Architect, Virtual Design and Construction Specialist, Nabholz

Kent Marts. Customer Service, Explore Scientific

Dr. Daniel Barth.  Assistant Professor of STEM Education, Director for Astronomy for Educators Program, University of Arkansas @ Fayetteville

Blaine Sanders - Treasurer.   Fifth-grade science teacher, Fayetteville Public Schools. Founder SpaceChangeYourLife.

Scott Roberts.  Founder of Explore Scientific


I was sitting in Ms. Janie Johnson’s 6th grade class watching a live broadcast of a Space Shuttle launch. After listening to the roar of the rockets, I vividly remember thinking “I want to do THAT!!!” Interestingly it took 22 years for life to lead me to space exploration.... except now I am doing the research to support exploration of Mars.
— Dr. Katherine Auld - founder of NWA Space

During my childhood my grandfather took us outside at night and talked to us about the stars. We lived in rural Texas, and could see the Milky Way spangled across the night sky. As a teen I stumbled across science fiction in the library and watched the first moon landing on black and white TV. I was, and am, hooked on the idea that humans belong in space. To achieve the dream we need to foster the science, engineering, and math skills necessary to reach beyond our planet. My goal, as a member of this organization, is to make sure that all of the people of Northwest Arkansas have the education, skills, and opportunity to be part of this enormous venture.
— Dr. Anne Diallo

Van Masterson is an IT Security Analyst for Walmart Technology, where he specializes in insider threat detection and remediation. He previously served as an Aviation Electronics Technician and later as an Intelligence Specialist with the United States Navy. He has been awarded the Humanitarian Service Metal for his aid during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. He also volunteers his time to the non-profit organization Supporting S.T.E.M. and Space, which does science outreach in North West Arkansas.
— Dustin Van Masterson
As a ten-year old growing up in the Apollo era, my parish priest allowed me to look at Saturn through his modest telescope, setting me on a life-long love affair with astronomy and space sciences. I have been fortunate to work teaching astronomy and physics for more than 30 years, showing thousands of people the wonders of the night sky. Every time I kindle someone else’s love of the night sky, I feel an echo of the joy I experienced on that special night when I first glimpsed Saturn so long ago.
— Dr. Daniel Barth
— Clint Branham