Telescope Storage

20190430 - 7.jpg

Telescope storage
One of two storage units currently housing the telescope. Both pieces of the tube can be seen in front of the antique viewing ladder that will be on display in the center.


Possibly the least exciting… and most vital current campaign. Keeping the telescope storage bill paid!

Two years ago a telescope arrived on two semi-trailers from Swarthmore College outside Philadelphia. The combined weight of all the pieces was just over 55,000 pounds. Those pieces went into storage at an unused building behind 8th Street Market. Our fee for use of the building was miniscule.

In the spring of 2019 we had to find another home for the telescope because renovations on our borrowed building were about to being. We are extremely grateful to the 8th Street Market for housing the telescope for nearly two years.

The telescope is now stored in southeast Rogers. Rent on the two units required to contain all the pieces is $250/month. In order to continue moving toward a science center in NWA, we must keep the rent paid. We appreciate every donation toward this campaign. Reoccurring donations each month help even more.