Spoooooooky Astronomy

Happy Halloween, Earthlings!

While you ponder on which piece of candy to eat while reading this post, here are some spook-tacular astronomy images for 2018! Enjoy! (These images came from the APOD archive!)


1- SKULLS! This skull was seen by the Chandra Observatory in the x-rays. This is typically a cluster of galaxies, but the amount of interstellar gas in this region gives it a spooky glow in the x-rays!


2-Ghosts! This region is in the Cepheus constellation. The “ghosts” are wisps of interstellar dust that is backlit by surround starlight reflections!


3-Cat’s Eye! This is the planetary nebula, Cat’s Eye Nebula, which has numerous halos. These halos are a telltale sign that the nebula has cycles of explosions as the white dwarf in the middle dies off!


4- Ghost ship! Star trails arc over this abandoned old ship off the coast of Greece. If you look at the picture close enough, you could actually see the photographer (accidentally as a ghost!)

Thank you for reading and come back next week for a look at some Moon Swirls!

Caitlin Ahrens