49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference!


Hello Earthlings!

I have just come back from an exciting trip to Houston to attend the 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference! This conference happens every March for an entire week filled with planetary research! Nearly 2,000 researchers, professionals, and students come here to present and network!

From Mercury all the way to Pluto and everything- and I mean EVERYTHING- in between!

Much research has been done, but many more questions remain and discover about our Solar System! 

The Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences had quite the group! Check it out:

-Glaciers on Pluto (C. Ahrens)

-Mars Simulation Chamber experiments (R. Slank)

-Rain on Titan (K. Farnsworth)

-Evaporites on Titan (E. Czaplinski)

-Frost mineralogy on Venus (S. Port)

-Swiss cheese features on Mars (M. Fusco)

-Terrestrial analogues on Earth for Mars (P. Knightly)

-Enceladus' core material experimentation (C. Nunn)

-Astrobiological microbes on Mars (M. Silver)

If you have a Twitter, I encourage you to check out the hashtag #LPSC2018 to look at all the blogging that was going on during the conference!

Next week, we'll take a look at lobate aprons on Mars!

Caitlin Ahrens