Telescope Restoration


Telescope head
The telescope head sits in storage. The peeling paint makes it look sad, but the internal mechanisms still function beautifully. After repainting and resurfacing the brass, the telescope will be a work of industrial art.


Our 1911 telescope needs work.

The project will proceed in stages. The telescope needs to have all the paint stripped. This is complicated by the fact that the paint is likely lead-based. This means sandblasting the pieces is not a viable option. We will have to have specialists tent the process and appropriately dispose of all contaminants.

Repainting will be less complex. The gears and chains will need protection, but painting will go quickly.

Polishing the red bronze is in principal simple work. It is labor intensive and will require countless hours because of how oxidized those pieces are.

The gears of the telescope need to be lubricated. This is the difficult portion of the restoration that may require antique telescope curators.

Donations to this campaign will go toward the cost of stripping the telescope and repainting it.

Finally the telescope will be fitted with a modern Go-To setup. Small stepper motors will be mounted to allow using the Go-To system.

Donations toward this project will go toward the paint, polishing, lubrication of the telescope. The restoration of the gear will begin as the telescope is prepared for moving into the building.